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Many churches would like to leave behind anxious conversations that always seem to be centered on the same struggles playing in a seemingly endless loop - not enough money, not enough members, too big of a building, too small of a mission vision. The Unglued Church Project is for congregations who are done with the "way we've always done it" mentality, but not quite certain what needs to change or how to make change happen. If you are ready to make decisions for the future based upon faith, not fear, fueled by the promise that God is doing a new thing in our midst-- the Unglued Church Project will be a good fit for you.

All Unglued churches, large and small, face adaptive challenges - problems that cannot be solved by our current know-how, or a new program, or a new curriculum, or any of our standard operating procedures. These are deep challenges that require experiments, discoveries, and imaginative thinking to help us discern God's desired future for our congregation.


When: Monday thru Thursday
Time: 00:00-00:00
Where: Presbyterian Church of the Covenant
Cost: Free 
Category: Program
Organizer: Ginny Jones

More Information
  • The Unglued Church Project is a 12-month process that focuses on adaptive change in a particular congregation.
  • The Unglued Church Project utilizes a layered approach of advising and teamwork to assess financial, community and spiritual strengths/weaknesses to help inform decisions about future direction for the congregation.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of this initiative. 

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