About this Program

Some vets come home easily. They pick up where they left off, or they start a new career.  But some have a much harder time. The stress of living in a theater of war leaves wounds, some to the body, some to the mind, and some to the soul.

To promote health of mind and body IVW has a writers’ group and hiking and kayaking group.  The interfaith chapel at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant is dedicated to addressing the spiritual needs of veterans.

Combat veterans are well prepared to help citizens work together for peace.  Their warrior wisdom equips them uniquely for this mission.  If you are a family member of a veteran or a friend of a veteran who wants to welcome veterans home and work together for peace, please contact us.  We grow mostly by word of mouth.  Please join our IVW FaceBook group page, and pass the word!


When: 3rd Wednesday of every month
Time: 7pm
Where: Presbyterian Church of the Covenant
Cost: Free 
Category: Program
Organizer: Tom Davis
Phone: 302-764-9008
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More Information
  • This program is currently being held virtually.  
  • Activities include but are not limited to art initiatives, hiking,  and photography. 
  • At a time of extreme interreligious conflict, IVW works across faith lines to bring healing and wholeness to veterans and their families. Not only veterans, but also friends and family members of veterans are welcome here.
  • The IVW works to cultivate a sense of community to bolster mental health. 

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