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With a goal of expanding thinking about the Bible's First (and largest) Testament, Strawn guides readers in examining common mistruths about the Old Testament, ranging from perceptions of God's personality such as the “angry Old Testament God,” to the relevance of the Old Testament for Christians. The book is designed for easy reading and group discussion.

Strawn cleverly explores the 10 mistruths, starting with the tongue-in-check title of the book, in individual chapters before the concluding chapter in which he explains why truth about God’s Word matters. The chapter titles are: The Old Testament Is “Someone Else’s Mail,” The Old Testament Is a Boring History Book, The Old Testament Has Been Rendered  Permanently Obsolete, The Old Testament God Is Mean…Really Mean, The Old Testament Is Hyper-Violent, David Wrote the Psalms (and Other Unhelpful Historical Assertions), The Old Testament Isn’t Spiritually Enriching, The Old Testament Isn’t Practically Relevant, The Old Testament Law Is Nothing but a Burden and Impossible to Keep, and What Really Matters Is That “Everything Is about Jesus.”






When: Wednesdays (beginning September 22)
Time: 7pm
Where: Zoom Meeting
Cost: Free (except for cost of book)
Category: Program
Organizer: Kate Morgan
Phone: 302-764-9008

More Information
  • Beginning a new Bible Study on Brent Strawn's book Lies My Preacher Told Me.
  • Contact the church for a link for the zoom meeting. 
  • Interested in buying the book? You can find it on Amazon and Cokesbury and your local bookstore. Check your local library as well to borrow either a physical or audio version. 

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